Friday, February 12, 2016

Walking on clouds

Tracing our memories in my heart,
Deep ridges, defining our story on its wall,
I walk on clouds singing,
I am blessed to be living
The greatest love of all.
Walk with me this earthly life,
Stay with me unchanged and free,
Holding my hand,
You understand,
The deepest parts of me.
These words can't possibly tell you,
What I hold in my heart,
I could try it in vain,
But I cannot explain,
Why we can't be apart.
So be a part of me, and walk on my clouds,
I'll be a part of you, for all that it means,
Always adoring,
And always protecting
Your freedom, your wants and you dreams.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A kind of fire

Embrace me lover with your mind
My flesh is burning with desire,
Consume me lover with your kind
of fire.
There is no other thrill like you,
No other muse that could inspire
This love in me, a mirror to
my kind of fire.
And if of love was I so sure,
I'm nothing but a liar,
As I have never felt before
this kind of fire.
And if some foul will make you sad
My love, hold your joy higher,
It's all because they wish they had
Our kind of fire.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The rest of our life

I know who I am
And I know why I am.
And yet I know that the one
That truly defines me,
Adores me for reasons
I don't understand.

She knows who I am
And she knows why I am,
She loves me with passion
And she is the guardian
For all that I stand.
I know who we are,
And I know why we are.
Beginners in living,
Reborn in each other,
Near or far.

I know who I am
And I know why I am.
I met the rest of our life
The day before last.
She said "You deserve it!"
You smiled as you knew it
From dreaming perhaps,
A lover, a mother, your loving wife,
I know who I am,
And I know why am now
For the rest of our life.

White dream

Distant in presence and yet so close to me
I dream a white dream
Forever will it be?
I dream a white dream
My blinded eyes can see.

Wrapped in your joyful brightness
Long aching heart can feel,
And arms embrace the kindness
You selfishly reveal,
Love sweet and timeless.

Your heart belongs with mine
As our engagement,
Is long before this time,
The universe' arrangement
Of our internal rhyme

I dream a white dream in your absence,
And yet the dream is near,
My mouth can taste your essence,
And mind is ever clear
Embedded in our presence.

However far, with me you stay,
So beautifully unchanged,
And as I picture you this way,
I dream a white dream long arranged,
Of our reunion day.

I do!

Flooded with a burning desire
To be true and honest to my heart
I've set the doubt on fire
And teared the fear apart.
I'm not committing to a life with you
You're love is not a prison,
I simply want to say "I do!"
And I don't need a reason.
To give a reason to a love
That knows no earthly boundaries
Is splashing mud onto a dove
And live it floundering.
I want to shower you with laughter
And cherish all you want to be
And I so dream thereafter
You'll choose to fly with me.
I want to choose you every day,
Unchanged and grounded in your freedom,
Forget the words I want to say,
In your arms, I don't need 'em.
Words fade as it is time
I speak my love to you
So place your hand in mine,
And simply say "I do!".

I hope you choose to be

Cautiously happy with me.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Celebration of our reunion

Seed of my young desires
You grew in me from my creation,
Like a memory I had yet to remember
Of our past union...
Another life perhaps.

I knew I missed you
And yet I did not know of you.
I could describe your mind
And yet we spoke no words
I wrote about your beauty
And yet my eyes were deprived of your image.

Half to my half, 
And whole to my whole,
I remember you now!
Clear image to my heart,
I can hold you now,
And celebrate our reunion.
Every day, our sweet reunion!
We shall celebrate it 
With vowels of eternity
As we have been apart for too long
And this life, alone, is not enough.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Once more

Once more to feel your luscious lips
Once more my sweet,
To feel the fervor of your hips
Once more, my sweet.
Once more to touch your velvet skin,
Once more, my sweet,
To softly kiss your flawless chin,
Once more, my sweet.
Once more to hold you in my arms,
Once more my sweet,
To wallow in your countless charms,
Once more my sweet.
And if the moment came and past,
Once more my sweet,
Forgive me if I'll kindly ask,
Once more my sweet.